What do our parents think of our cheder?

It’s a place my children have made long-lasting friendships

My son’s Hebrew reading has excelled in the last few months

It’s a place where both my girls want to come every Sunday

Our daughter loves going to cheder and it is providing her with a love of Judaism.

Welcome from the Headteacher

It is my pleasure and privilege to be the headteacher of such an exciting and successful Cheder. We have close to 40 children on our database. It is wonderful to see the young children learn and develop throughout their Cheder years, learning to read Hebrew; to pray; the Parsha story; how to keep the Festivals; Shabbat; Kashrut and about Israel. 

We welcome praise as well as constructive criticism and adjust ourselves accordingly. 

We have recently launched a dynamic new curriculum that provides a vibrant and relevant experiencefor our children. We focus on areas which we really want the children to know well, like how to run a Seder or how to make Kiddush, and we touch on other areas like Lag B’Omer, whetting their appetites and enabling them to understand these topics better when they revisit them at a later stage in their lives. 

My aim isto ensure the children know what they learn well with more hands-on teaching methodology instead of giving them a broader basic knowledge. We encourage parents to join in and attend adult education classes to learn alongside their children. 

Our Cheder is open to all Jewish children ages 5-13 years old. 

Classes take place on Sunday mornings at Loughton Synagogue, Loughton IG10 1TE from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm or Tuesday Evening from 4:45 pm – 6:00 pm 

There are 3 terms, normally corresponding to the school terms. 

Rebbetzen Rochel Abrams